Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching

Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is working with Malaysia’s imams to raise awareness about conservation issues in the community. Last year, more than 400 mosques in the state of Terengganu held sermons focussing on turtle conservation issues. This year, the focus is on tackling the problem of poaching.

Malaysia is home to an amazing array of animals, including the Sumatran rhino, Malayan tiger, and Asian elephant. Poaching of animals for the illegal wildlife trade presents a huge threat to the survival of these and many other animal species.

The sermons will be held in June of this year in 21 mosques in the district of Jeli, Kelantan. The sermons will use passages from the Koran highlighting the need to stop the illegal hunting of animals, and to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

“There are several passages within the Koran which talk about the responsibility of humans in protecting our environment and wildlife,” said Umi A’ Zuhrah from the Tiger Conservation Programme at WWF-Malaysia.

“Religious leaders are very influential and greatly respected in this community, so they are the best people to carry this message across.”

The original WWF article can be found here.

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