SIGG Outdoor Cutlery Set Review

SIGG Outdoor Cutlery Set

SIGG Outdoor Cutlery Set Review

When opening the packaging for Swiss-made gear I always tend to have hopes. You expect something that looks great, functions well, and is always ingenious.

The SIGG Camping Cutlery Set is a perfect example. Three foldable utensils (with a fourth – a bottle opener on the side of the fork) that easily clip together are included in the set. The set is durable, compact, and functional. My only real gripe is that the fork is a little too narrow.

The set is made from stainless steel, so it weighs considerably more than aluminium or plastic sets that it competes with in the market place. The difference ? It really comes down to the knife. It would be hard to find a lighter cutlery set with such a great knife – sharp, sturdy, with an easy to use snap lock (so it won’t suddenly close when in use). Being Swiss made such quality is entirely expected.

Image courtesy of SIGG

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