Seeing Eye to Eye

Moo Cows

Seeing Eye to Eye

By Garry Sonter

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Seeing Eye to Eye.

Animals are fascinating to watch. They are so uncanny and can be a real challenge to photograph – especially when pursuing that perfect photo. Sometimes you can take photos of animals in the most unexpected places. I would never of thought to go to a beach to photograph cows, nor imagined photographing a caterpillar on a roadside reflector.

I don’t normally go in search for animals to photograph but in my outdoor photography pursuits, I am regularly crossing paths with animals of all different shapes and sizes and occasionally capturing an image that’s worth keeping.

About Garry Sonter

To say Garry is excited about camping would be an understatement. Given a choice between a luxury hotel and a tent, he would probably opt for the tent. Garry loves introducing people to the outdoors and nature. And in return enjoys seeing them make their own connections. Garry strives for perfection with his photography. He has held exhibitions in his homeland of Australia and in Japan and he is in endless pursuit of photographic opportunities to illustrate how he interacts with life and the outdoors.
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