Wilkie’s Poo

Wilkie the Worm

Part II

When Wilkie came to, she was somewhat shorter than she used to be. The lower part of her brutally severed body was nowhere to be curled around. She spent many dark weeks lying on her stump in a cold corner of her box on a shelf of that nameless warehouse. Wilkie was sad. She went off eating and consequently went off pooing. Luckily her siblings were scooped into the same box, to nurture her during those gloomy days.

Over time Wilkie began meditating. She prayed to the worm gods for strength. From those higher powers she was told the importance of her destiny: she needed to find her health to eat all she could; the poo from her very body was more important than the poo of any other being on earth.

In fact Wilkie’s poo was so important it could actually SAVE THE WORLD! Her poo was indeed MAGNIFICENT!

Wilkie learnt her poo, also known as vermicompost, was a rich source of natural plant fertiliser. She learnt worm poo concentrates nutrients and plays a vital part in maintaining healthy soil. What’s more, she learnt the physical action of worms squirming through the earth aerates soil and stimulates important micro-organisms which allow plant roots to grow.

If not for the likes of Wilkie and her magnificent poo we would have unhealthy soil, the fruit and vegetables we rely on for food would not be able to grow and the cycle of life on Earth would cease to exist.

Wilkie grew back the lower part of her body (worms can regenerate lost body parts although if a worm is chopped in half each half will not grow into a new worm) and her confidence gradually returned. While she wore the scar where her body was severed as a reminder about the fragility of life, she also used it as a great motivator while preparing for her world-saving quest.

Her appetite became so veracious she was clearly ready for her task and with great gusto she went back onto her food and did the biggest poo that had ever been done in her farm. Wilkie was becoming an unlikely superhero in her anonymous box.

And just like that the next big step in Wilkie’s journey took place.

About Blair Paterson

Blair grew up and lives in Sydney’s Inner West. He first realised a love of nature and the outdoors during weekends and holidays with his family on the Hawkesbury River. From humble childhood pastimes building billycarts and tree houses to spending large chunks of time in the bush, Blair now embarks on outdoor pursuits whenever and however possible – by foot, kayak, bicycle or other. He has worked in Environmental Management and currently Outdoor Education. Some of his fondest travels to date have been around Australia and through the Indian Himalayas.
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