Wilkie’s Poo

Wilkie the Worm

Part III

Some humans came and took Wilkie’s box off the shelf. They carried it out of the warehouse and loaded it into a car-boot. The boot slammed shut. The engine revved into action.

Wilkie was whisked away. He heard beeping horns and smelt exhaust fumes and was thrust right and left in his box as the car zoomed through busy city streets. He tried thinking happy thoughts, such as those idyllic days in the soils of his youth, but all the rushing and chaos had him greatly destabilised.

You might think Wilkie was a hostage locked up in a car boot, but while he was fraught with confusion he also carried an air of anticipation about where he was heading. He could not explain these feelings; his scar tingled with pins-and-needles.

The car slowed to a crawl and lurched into a driveway. The handbrake engaged. The engine was cut. Wilkie felt the car jiggle and heard footsteps hit the ground. There was a brief silence before a key slid into the boot lock and the lid flew open. He then heard muffled conversations of the humans. Although still very confused he remained positive.

Wilkie’s box was taken out of the boot and to the easy pace of the human’s walking he was carried up a flight of stairs, down a footpath and across a yard, before being gently laid down. The humans conferred.

All seemed well until the box was opened and the dreaded light of Wilkie’s short past again burst in. He clung so tightly to the new lower part of his body that he squeezed out a little poo. But instead of the sharp blade of the shovel wielding into his watery flesh, his box got upended and all its contents – including Wilkie and his siblings – were tipped into another somewhat roomier box.

Such a cool, moist and inviting box, Wilkie felt at home for the first time since being taken from his hatching-place. He sensed straightaway that he was to become both process worker and farmer. His new home was a worm farm.

Wilkie had found his calling – he knew he was indeed a compost worm. In practice, he was now really beginning to realise the magnificence of his poo.

But how on earth was he going to share his growing wisdom with the humans? And just how was he going to save the world? Wilkie had more meditating to do.

About Blair Paterson

Blair grew up and lives in Sydney’s Inner West. He first realised a love of nature and the outdoors during weekends and holidays with his family on the Hawkesbury River. From humble childhood pastimes building billycarts and tree houses to spending large chunks of time in the bush, Blair now embarks on outdoor pursuits whenever and however possible – by foot, kayak, bicycle or other. He has worked in Environmental Management and currently Outdoor Education. Some of his fondest travels to date have been around Australia and through the Indian Himalayas.
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