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Every week there are a lot of interesting, infuriating and inspiring articles published on the web that catch our attention.

These are some of them. We hope you enjoying them as much as we did:

Bonobos Have Mastered the Art of Babytalk

Bonobos (also known as pygmy chimpanzees) are our closest living relative. New research from researchers at the University of Birmingham, University of Neuchatel (Switzerland), and St. Andrews University in Scotland shows that Bonobos have mastered Babytalk – making a range of sounds that must be interpreted in context.

The researchers analysed a range of the short high-pitched beeps made by the bonobos, and found that they made the noises in positive, negative and neutral circumstances. This is different to sounds made in response to stimuli – i.e. shrieks of alarm. Instead they appear to indicate a possible evolutionary origin for language.

Read more from The Guardian article here

The Venomous Frog with Spines on its Head

Two species of venomous frog have been discovered in Brazil. These frogs – Greening’s Frog (Corythomantis greening) and Bruno’s Casque-headed frog (Aparasphenon brunoi) both have spines on their head that are capable of transmitting poison into another animal – such as a predator.

Most frogs are poisonous, secreting poison through their skin, but these frogs are the first that are recognised as being venomous – that is, being able to actively force poison into another animals bloodstream.

Read more from the BBC’s article here

Antmaps – The First Global Mapping of Native Ant Species

Antmaps is a joint project between the University of Hong Kong and the University of Okinawa, and is a global mapping of 15,000 ant species. The colourful, interactive map is here.

The Guardian article is here.

The RET, AGL and Origin Energy

Have you noticed all the advertising spruiking the green credentials of the big energy companies? The advertising doesn’t mention that those same energy companies pushed for the Renewable Energy Target to be slashed, despite the effect it was having on electricity prices, and the investment in renewable energy.

John Hewson explains more here.

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