Berry Island

This island on the North Shore is now accessed by a man-made ismuth, and is yet another spectacular point in the harbour for picnics and bushwalking. It is also an important Aboriginal site, and a thirty minute walk, named the Gadyan Track, takes you through the island, with signage pointing out rock engravings and other evidence of Aboriginal life. Gadyan is the Cammeraygal word for the Sydney Cockle, the shells of which are found in the middens on the island.

How to get there:

Berry Island is at the end of Shirley Road, in the lower north shore suburb of Wollstonecraft.

Car: Head north over the bridge or through the tunnel and take the Crows Nest exit off the Warringah Freeway. Turn right onto the Pacific Highway, then left onto Shirley Road. Follow it and park on the street at the end.

Train: Take the northern line train and alight at Wollstonecraft. Walk down Shirley Road to the end. The reserve is a 10 minute walk from the station.




Picnic tables




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Dave grew up on a small acreage on the outskirts of Sydney, within a stone's throw of the bush. Having spent a large part of his childhood exploring the bush behind the family home, much of his adult life has been spent exploring the world - he has lived in Sweden, traveled much of Europe, travelled in the Pacific and South America, and more recently in Asia. The Australian bush is however, the place where he feels he truly belongs.
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