Kayaking Middle Harbour

Middle Harbour, or Waring Ga, is the northern arm of Port Jackson, officially starting at Grotto Point. Kayaking on Middle Harbour is a pleasant experience, as much of the shoreline is rugged, and therefore fairly quiet. There are a few beaches to stop at when taking a break from paddling.

When paddling on Middle Harbour, it is best to head west from Spit Bridge, or to enter from Davidson Park in Garigal National Park. The water east of the Spit Bridge is not only busy with other water craft, but also considered ‘open waters’ and therefore more challenging for inexperienced paddlers.

There a number of interesting paddles you can do on Middle Harbour:

Salt Pan Cove/Saltpan Creek The wrecks of the Cobaki and Itata lie in Salt Pan Cove in the southwest section of Middle Harbour.

Middle Harbour Creek If a peaceful long day paddle appeals to you, then Middle Harbour Creek is an ideal paddle. It is best done when the tide is high. The creek is in the northwestern section of Middle Harbour.
Chinaman’s Beach or Balmoral Beach Paddling east from the Spit, Clontarf Beach is to the north, and to the south there is Chinaman’s Beach first, and then Balmoral Beach.

How to get there:

Head north over the Harbour Bridge or through the tunnel and take the Mosman exit. Head north through Mosman and onto Spit Road. As you come down the hill from Mosman, there is a parking area on the left hand side. You can park there, and cross over to Sydney Harbour Kayaks to hire a kayak, or launch your own kayak.

Kayak Hire:

Sydney Harbour Kayaks are located at “The Spit”, on the eastern side of Spit Road on the southern side of the Spit Bridge. One and two person sea kayaks, surf skis and SUPs can be hired.

Sydney Harbour Kayaks do not permit paddlers to paddle east of Grotto Point and the Navy Base at Balmoral Beach.

81 Parriwi Road – Smiths Boat Shed
The Spit Bridge, Mosman 2088

Phone: 02 9960 4389 02 9969 4590
Email: info@sydneyharbourkayaks.com.au
Website: http://www.sydneyharbourkayaks.com.au/

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