Heathcote Pipeline

This is a reasonably easy, beginners-grade ride along fire trails and sealed tracks through the bush of southern Sydney. It is a great ride, with scenic views, a few swimming holes along the way, and the turnaround point at the spectacular Woronora Dam.


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 2.5 – 4 hrs
Distance: 25 km
Start: Heathcote (loop)


The trail is of a good standard, making it an enjoyable ride, and not a technical ride. The trail runs beside the pipeline for much of the ride, before ascending and then descending down to the Woronora Dam.
1. If you are taking the Forum Drive option, the track meets the Heathcote Pipeline Trail at a bridge over the pipeline.
2. From here the trail runs beside the pipeline for much of the way, and there are several bridges to cross.
3. After about 5km the track rises for another 5 km, and is a little steep in sections.
4. After about 10km you will reach a gate that you will need to carry your bike around. After another short distance there is another gate. This one you can ride around.
5. After this gate you will come to the road to the Woronora Dam. Turn right and take this road down to the dam.

The dam has toilets, a BBQ and picnic tables. You can also ride across the dam wall, which is quite spectacular. To head back from here you return along the same route.

Other notes:

There is a campsite at Mirang Pool, which you will pass along the way. There are no facilities at the campsite, and you will need to bring your own fuel stoves as no fires are permitted.
You will pass a few swimming holes along the way.

How to get there:

There are two starting points for the trail – one is more convenient if travelling by car, and the other if travelling by train.

Car: Drive along the Princes Highway, and turn onto Heathcote Road. Turn left onto Forum Drive and car park at the end. The entrance to the track is at the end. Approximately 100 metres along the trail there is a track off to the right, take this track. If you’re an experienced mountain bike rider you can ride it down. If you’re not experienced, it is probably better to walk it as it does get a bit steep and rocky.

Train: There is a station at Heathcote. From the station ride north along the Princes Highway, and cross the highway at the intersection with Heathcote Road. Ride down the road until you see the start of the Heathcote Pipeline track on your left. This is the starting point.


Heathcote National Park

Royal National Park Visitor Centre

2 Lady Carrington Drive, Audley, Royal National Park, NSW P 02 9542 0648

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Dave grew up on a small acreage on the outskirts of Sydney, within a stone's throw of the bush. Having spent a large part of his childhood exploring the bush behind the family home, much of his adult life has been spent exploring the world - he has lived in Sweden, traveled much of Europe, travelled in the Pacific and South America, and more recently in Asia. The Australian bush is however, the place where he feels he truly belongs.
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