Bondi to Bronte Coast Walk

The Coast Walk from Bondi to Bronte is a beautiful short walk between two iconic beaches in the Eastern Suburbs of the city. It is ideal for those who only have a short time to take in a walk.

The walk can be extended to Waverley Cemetery (less than 1.0km return to Bronte), and even further on to Clovelly, Coogee and Maroubra Beach, depending on the time you have available.


Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 3-4km
Start: North Bondi
Finish: South Bronte

Bond to Bronte Coast Walk

The walk can be done in either direction. For this description we’ll start at North Bondi and finish at South Bronte.

From Ben Buckler Point on the north side of Bondi Beach, head down to the rocks to Bondi Beach. If the sea conditions are rough, then head back down Ramsgate Avenue and go down to the beach through Biddigal Reserve.
You can then walk along Bondi Beach, or along the promenade beside the beach. Along the way you will pass the Bondi Pavilion. Built in 1928 in the Mediterranean style, it regularly hosts events and exhibitions. It is well worth taking a look at the planned events for the pavilion before your walk. The events page is:

At the southern end of the beach a series of steps bring you up to the headland. This part of the walk takes you past the Bondi Baths where the famous Icebergs Club, where members swim all year, including throughout winter. You will also pass Hunter Park, ‘the Boot’ section of the cliff, and then Marks Park at Mackenzies Point. Keep an eye out for the Aboriginal rock carvings of a shark beside the path. This cliff top section of the walk is particularly beautiful and worth taking slowly to enjoy. It is in this section that is the Sculptures By The Sea exhibition is held each spring.

After this section the track then winds down to Tamarama Beach, a small but popular beach. From Tamarama Beach you need to walk beside Tamarama-Bronte Marine Drive until you reach Bronte Beach and Bronte Park.

How to get there:

The easiest way to get to the start and finish points of this walk is to take a bus. Buses 333, 380, 381 (to Bondi), 361 (to Tamarama) and 378 (to Bronte) stop near the start and finish points.

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