Backyard Buddies

Backyard Buddies
Backyard buddies is an initiative of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife to get everyone involved in caring for the nature in their backyards.

Our backyard buddies are the native plants and animals that share our urban areas, waterways, backyards, and parks, and by helping them, we too can become backyard buddies.

The initiative provides it gives you simple tips to transform your backyard into a safe and inviting habitat haven.

By building houses and fences, and replacing native vegetation with manicured lawns, the habitat and corridors for native animals disappear. The Backyard Buddies website provide a good reference on what you can do to create corridors for the animals, or safe places for them to visit, or even a home for them.

A good example for anyone with a backyard is the steps you can take to create a habitat for small birds – by planting native spiky plants (to keep cats out) and flowering or fruiting plants for them to feed on.

The website for Backyard Buddies is here, or you can view their Facebook page here.

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Dave grew up on a small acreage on the outskirts of Sydney, within a stone's throw of the bush. Having spent a large part of his childhood exploring the bush behind the family home, much of his adult life has been spent exploring the world - he has lived in Sweden, traveled much of Europe, travelled in the Pacific and South America, and more recently in Asia. The Australian bush is however, the place where he feels he truly belongs.
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