Survival Expert and Trainer Bob Cooper

Survival Expert and Trainer Bob Cooper By David Rutter At the Snow and Outdoor Trade Association (SOTA) 2010 Fair, Garry and I sat down with Bob Cooper to talk survival. Bob’s extensive knowledge of the subject is ...

Review: Carrying Your SIGG

Review: Carrying Your SIGG By David Rutter The standard size (1.0 litre) of these popular bottles have been a tad too large to carry comfortably in the hand while hiking or running over long distances. In the past I’ve u...

Botanics of Australia Review

Botanics of Australia Review By David Rutter Botanics of Australia (BOA) produce a range of skin care products infused with extracts of Australian native plants. The range is wide, from body washes and scrubs, to foot ru...

Travelling Light

It seems that everyone starts out buying a massive pack and filling it up with things we just don't need for overnight hikes. In this article, David experiments with taking a much smaller pack.