Greta over Kalbari Gorge_WA016_600

Greta Grey Goes Round Australia

Greta Grey was a 1965 Ford Falcon which took Tab and I around Australia. She fouled her number-1 sparkplug every thousand-mile or so, but was a super-reliable old girl. Our journey became quite abstract, as long trips of...

Still Lifes (on the road)

While relaxing around a campsite or cooped up during bad weather, sometimes I’ll turn to the nearby decor, sort it into a pleasing arrangement or position, sit down with a nice beverage, and draw.
Fist Rock_Albany WA669438


I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing shapes and textures of rocks sculpted by the elements. With the interweaving of light and shadows, some rocks appear to float ethereally in their landscape while others occupy s...