North Head

Sydney Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Type are very excited to present Sydney Outdoor Adventures, our first publication. It is available as an eBook from the major eBook retailers in Kindle, Kobo, PDF and other formats. Sydney Outdoor Adventures ...

Climbing Mount Fuji

Towering over the surrounding countryside on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures a little south of Tokyo, Mount Fuji is as iconic of Japan as sushi, shinkansen bullet trains ...

The Calm of Kamikatsu

For an obscure little town in the heart of the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture, the town of Kamikatsu is remarkably well known. Its zero-waste management program has attracted international attention, even featuring on...

Travelling Light

It seems that everyone starts out buying a massive pack and filling it up with things we just don't need for overnight hikes. In this article, David experiments with taking a much smaller pack.

Mount Victoria to Leura

Two walkers kitted out with new packs, hiking poles and gaiters approach from the opposite direction and stop to ask if I’d seen a dog. One of them offers that perhaps it was a fox. “You can smell a fox”, I remark. Their...