About David Rutter

Dave grew up on a small acreage on the outskirts of Sydney, within a stone's throw of the bush. Having spent a large part of his childhood exploring the bush behind the family home, much of his adult life has been spent exploring the world - he has lived in Sweden, traveled much of Europe, travelled in the Pacific and South America, and more recently in Asia. The Australian bush is however, the place where he feels he truly belongs.

Killalea Named National Surfing Reserve

Killalea, on New South Wales’ south coast, has been honoured for its history as a significant surfing location by being officially recognized as a national surfing reserve by the Australian government.

Indonesia’s Islands For Rent

The Indonesian Maritime Minister has proposed the idea of renting out some of Indonesia's islands to nations affected by the rising sea levels resulting from climate change.

Jessica Watson

A measure of our determination is how far we take our dreams. Inspiration and passion is one thing, but acting is another. Jessica Watson’s goal of becoming the youngest person, male or female, to circumnavigate the glo...

First Section of Murray Valley Trail Opens

First Section of Murray Valley Trail Opens The first section of the Murray Valley Trail, a trail that runs through Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, opened recently. The opened section runs from Ouyen to Mil...

Afghanistan’s First National Park

Afghanistan’s First National Park Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency has announced the first national park for the nation. It was established with the help of the Wildlife Conservation Soc...
Snubfin Tail _ Tammie Matson_600

Snubfin Dolphins

Snubfin Dolphins A preliminary study on Australia’s snubfin dolphin (Orcaella heinsohnii) carried out by WWF-Australia has revealed some interesting insights into the life and habits of this mysterious marine mammal. The...

SIGG’s New EcoCare Liner

SIGG’s New EcoCare Liner SIGG have developed a new coating technology for the inside of their signature bottles. Called the SIGG EcoCare Liner, the technology employs a new powder coating technology that ensures vi...

Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching

Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is working with Malaysia’s imams to raise awareness about conservation issues in the community. Last year, more than 400 mosques in th...