About Garry Sonter

To say Garry is excited about camping would be an understatement. Given a choice between a luxury hotel and a tent, he would probably opt for the tent. Garry loves introducing people to the outdoors and nature. And in return enjoys seeing them make their own connections. Garry strives for perfection with his photography. He has held exhibitions in his homeland of Australia and in Japan and he is in endless pursuit of photographic opportunities to illustrate how he interacts with life and the outdoors.

The Cobblers and Waterrun (Coast Track)

The Cobblers and surrounding cliffs are one of the best viewing points for whale watching within the Royal National Park. Part of the Coast Track, this walk offers stunning views of the coastline. Information Difficulty:...
Colo River

Liloing and Kayaking the Colo River

Anyone who has experienced liloing (paddling in water on an air mattress), kayaking or hiking along the Colo River and through the Colo Gorge will no doubt have a story to share - of beautiful scenery, wildlife, bushfire...

Whale Watching Sydney

Between the months of April and November Humpback Whales are most commonly sighted along the east coast of Australia.

Along the Way

If A was the beginning of a road trip and Z was my destination, then all the letters in between would be how many times I may stop to take photos along the way. Some of my most favourite photography has been taken alongs...