Afghanistan’s First National Park

Afghanistan’s First National Park Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency has announced the first national park for the nation. It was established with the help of the Wildlife Conservation Soc...
Snubfin Tail _ Tammie Matson_600

Snubfin Dolphins

Snubfin Dolphins A preliminary study on Australia’s snubfin dolphin (Orcaella heinsohnii) carried out by WWF-Australia has revealed some interesting insights into the life and habits of this mysterious marine mammal. The...

Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching

Malaysia’s Imams to Preach Against Poaching The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is working with Malaysia’s imams to raise awareness about conservation issues in the community. Last year, more than 400 mosques in th...

Wilkins Ice Shelf Collapse

The collapse of another ice shelf in Antarctica raises fears in scientists that the rate of global climate change is greater than previously thought.

Adelaide Zoo’s Envirodome Open

The Adelaide Zoo has today officially opened one of the world's most advanced environment-focused learning centres as part of a large redevelopment project.
Earth Hour Candle

Earth Hour Impact

The switching off of the lights in nearly 4000 cities in 88 countries across the globe has sent a clear message that the people of the world want decisive action to be taken on climate change.

Earth Hour 2009

The concept behind Earth Hour is simple - turn off your lights for an hour. Getting everyone around the globe to do it another thing, and that's why The Outdoor Type is helping to spread the word.